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Cisco Folk       Cisco@EZWB.com 4-25-2008 2:46 PM
Website builders, website designers and web developers are all using our do-it-yourself website tools and web hosting. We have Basic, Standard and E-Commerce websites. Our services include: Website Tools, Hosting, Design, Promotion, Consulting, Graphic Design, Affiliate Program, Merchant Account, Domain Names, E-mail Accounts, Technical Support and a whole lot more!
Mike       Sales@EZWB.com 4-25-2008 3:04 PM
We have added several new model sites for our customers to use. When you start with a model site, you can edit the site easier and faster than creating one from scratch.

You may want to look at our inventory of model sites before you place your order. The model sites can be duplicated in your Basic, Standard or E-Commerce website account.

We have several customers that use the model sites and are very happy. They agree, it's much EZ...er to edit a model site and add there information. They are up and running much faster!

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